Angel Series

Angel of Wishes and Angel of Purity
by Lena Liu

Angel of Wishes

Angel of Wishes(AN10)

Angel of Purity

Angel of Purity(AN11)

Sudden and swift like the blowing wind, the Angel of Wishes captures all your dreams in the twinkle of a star, and scatters your wishes and hopes to earth to let your dreams come true. Lena Liu captures the imagination with details and flow of colors.The Angel of purity, the companion piece, transcends over the River of Life as she pours the calm, soothing water over the earth. Never to deviate from this endless bounty, our desire to continue to enjoy will be granted and will sustain our life. The Doves of Peace bring hope that all the beauty that is life will unite in our hearts.

"Angel of Wishes(AN10)" and "Angel of Purity(AN11)" are offered as 12"x16" limited edition prints for $50 each. They are also available as 12"x16" $195 unframed canvas transfer( please click for framed prices).

To order or for the gallery near you, please call 1-800-541-7696.

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