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A Premier "Masterwork Edition" on ArtSilk© "Iris Quartet" and "Morning Serenade"

Now, for the first time ever, two exclusive limited-edition ArtSilk prints by nationally acclaimed artist Lena Liu are offered for the enjoyment of discerning collectors.

Iris Quartet and Morning Serenade have been reproduced on exquisite ArtSilk fabric, a polyester silken fabric specially selected for its luminous qualities. It is an ideal foundation for Ms. Liu's artwork.

Collectors of Lena Liu's art have long known that she paints her original art on silk fabric and combines the realism of western landscape, still-life and wildlife painting with the lyricism of classical oriental brushwork. This extraordinary style and technique, rarely seen in the western world today, is the inspiration for the "Masterwork Edition" of limited-edition ArtSilk prints. Iris Quartet and Morning Serenade are offered in museum-quality metal leaf frames, with gold-tipped linen liners. Each issue includes an engraved brass nameplate that details the work's title and contains the artist's name.

Every issue of Iris Quartet and Morning Serenade is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and Masterwork Folio, which features a description of the artwork and an artist biography.

Each piece in the "Masterwork Edition" is personally signed and numbered by the artist. In addition, Ms. Liu's signature chop is hand-applied to every issue in imperial red ink.

The one-time edition size is limited to 1,950 pieces each of Iris Quartet and Morning Serenade.

Iris Quartet    Image Size: 21 1/4" x 21 1/4"  Retail: $365
Morning Sernade Image Size: 17" x 17"          Retail: $325

Imperial Graphics is pleased to offer this exclusive "Masterwork Edition" in honor of Lena Liu's distinctive vision and innovative artistic technique. In her own words, "As an artist, I strive to give harmonious expression to all that I am. I love the shimmering surface of wet silk, the radiance of natural water colors, the superb control I get from Chinese brushes."

Place your orders now, before this exceptional premier edition is closed forever. For more information and the name and address of the authorized Imperial Graphics dealer nearest you, contact:

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