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Cooperative Advertising Program

DEALERS: Have you been thinking about how to best spend your advertising dollars?
Well, now's the time to advertise your Lena Liu line and receive 50% credit in our

Imperial Graphics is offering a cooperative advertising program to assist our dealers in stretching their advertising dollars. Now, for every ad you place in local or national publications featuring Lena Liu's artwork, we'll give you credit on your account to use towards your next purchase.


  1. First, place an ad that consists solely of Lena Liu's artwork (no other artists' names or publishers' names may be included).
  2. Then, submit a copy of the qualifying ad along with a copy of the PAID invoice to:

    Imperial Graphics, Ltd.
    11516 Lake Potomac Drive
    Potomac, MD 20854

  3. Upon verification of the invoice, we will issue a credit to your account in the amount of 50% of the cost of the ad.
  4. This credit can then be used towards your next purchase of Lena Liu prints or canvas transfers.

**If you would like to send a copy of the ad to us for approval before it runs we would be happy to make sure that it qualifies.

**Also, please note that we have color transparencies and black and white photographs of most of Lena Liu's images available to loan. Please call us to check for availability of the picture you want to include in your advertisement.

Please note that there is a maximum cap for which credit may be received. The cap is equal to 25% of your annual sales from the previous year (Jan-Dec). All dealers are given a $250 cooperative ad allowance regardless of previous sales.

This program has been extremely popular with our dealers so why not give it a try the next time you're considering advertising.

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